Puppy & Dog Training Classes

Group Lessons


Puppy Training

Single Puppy Class $40.00

Pack of 8 Group Puppy Classes $150.00

Pack of 7 Puppy Classes + Private Lesson $249.00


  • Let us help you instill basic manners, behaviors, and cues from the beginning. Learn how to tackle problems even before they start!

  • Puppy Group Classes are for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months

  • We introduce basic behaviors like come to your name, sit and stay. We encourage healthy play and bite inhibition. Class provides early socialization with people and other dogs. Learn grooming, handling, & relaxation techniques. Puppy play time offered at the end of every puppy class!

  • REQUIREMENTS: We require that your puppy has been in your home for at least seven days and has up-to-date vaccinations, including the Bordetella vaccination and the Distemper/Parvo vaccination, as well as a negative fecal test.

Prep for the Vet Class
3 week session - $75.00

Does your dog shake like a leaf at the vet's office? Is your dog uncomfortable with being handled while at the vet? Do you struggle to convince your dog to take his or her medication at home? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this class is for you!

In our Prep For The Vet class, you will learn relaxation, calming, and handling techniques to make your dog's vet visits more enjoyable. Learn counter-conditioning techniques, how to prepare your dog for veterinarian procedures, and how to get your dog to give "permission" for treatment.

Adult Training

Obedience Level 1 (8 weeks) $249.00

Obedience Level  2 and above (8 weeks - Level 2 and above) $199.00


Obedience Level 1 Fundamentals - 8 week group class (1 hour each week)

  • Shape, capture and lure new behaviors, add cues

  • Sit, Stay, Down, Go to your Mat, Come, Leave It, nose targeting, Heel/Side and walking on a loose leash

  • We will show you how to stop unwanted behaviors


Obedience Level 2: Testing Cues -  8 week group class (1 hour each week)

  • Test your cues from Level 1 Obedience

  • Learn more about loose leash walking

  • Stimulus control over your cues

  • Prerequisite: Level 1 Obedience

Obedience Level 3: College Prep - 8 Week Group Class (1 hour each week)

  • Distractions, duration and distance

  • Tackle skateboards, rabbits, strangers, and dogs

  • Increase the amount of behavior you can get with minimal reinforcement

  • Teach your dog how to listen to cues from a distance

  • Prerequisite: Level 2 Obedience


Obedience: Ph.D Training - Advanced Loose Leash Walking- 8 Week Group Class (1 hour each week)

  • Hone your loose leash skills

  • Advanced distractions

  • Introducing Rally-O type exercises

  • Prerequisite: College Prep OR Pre-approval by Instructor required

Obedience: Real Life Training - Out & About - 8 Week Group Class (1 hour each week)

  • Held outside facility at local pre-approved parks

  • Training for Life Applies

  • Prerequisite: College Prep OR Pre-approval by Instructor required

Agility: Foundation - 8 week Group Class - $150.00

  • Agility is the exciting dog sport where dogs learn to cross over, crawl through, and climb over obstacles such as tunnels, jumps, and weave poles.

  • This class is for everyone looking to spend some fun time with their dogs and/or looking to compete.

Private Lessons

Private Lesson (2-3 hours) $150.00

Follow-up Private Lesson $79.00

Pack of 6 Private Lessons $399.00


First in-home lesson (2-3 hours) $180.00

Follow-up in-home lesson $120.00

Pack of 6 in-home lessons $599.00


Private lessons allow you to have one of our certified instructors all to yourself! Not ready to commit to a 5 week group class? Do you have a problem targeted to one specific area? Does your dog have aggression, fear or anxiety issues? Private lessons are for you! Lessons can be held at our location (Private) or in your own home.


Private lessons are especially great for:

  • Parents new to puppy raising or owning dogs

  • Parents with a busy schedule

  • Parents who want a more personalized training experience

  • Families with young children

  • Families with multiple dogs


BVMC offers fun and flexible class options to meet any lifestyle! Please fill out an application or call to speak to our Certified Trainer! 



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