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Chihuahua Bath

Bedford Veterinary Medical Center's groomer loves transforming pets to help make them feel and look their best. It is so satisfying not only seeing how happy the pets are after their grooming but also to see the smile on our clients faces when they pick up their pet!

We take pride in ensuring that your pet will have a good experience. This may mean we’ll take extra time with your pet to gain their trust. We will not force a procedure on a pet, and will be honest with you about their experience. We believe the grooming experience should be a positive one. You can be assured that every pet is treated with loving care.







All our grooming services include cleaning of ears, toe nail trimming, tidy paws, tidy sanitary areas and a bandanna. Add-on services are also available!


Consultation on skin and other health concerns available. Sedation and other comfort options available after veterinarian consultation.

Before Fluffy.jpg
After Fluffy.jpg

10% OFF your 

first groom!



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