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Dental Case of the Month

With February being dental month, we thought we would share one of our dental success stories from our hospital!

Autumn is a 15 year old miniature poodle, recently adopted by our practice manager, Victoria. Upon acquiring her, it was very obvious she had some severe dental disease. While very spry and sweet, Autumn would get very upset and try to bite whenever someone tried to touch around her mouth. In addition, she would constantly paw at his mouth and was slow at eating her food. Her mouth smelled very bad and despite her lovable nature, it was difficult to have him give kisses due to the mouth odor.


Shortly after adoption, we examined Autumn. She had good vision, minimal arthritis, and overall looked very healthy, except that she had severe dental disease- her gums were very red, she had a lot of tartar on her teeth, and some of her teeth were visually loose. We performed blood-work and found out that she had early kidney disease. Dental disease increases inflammation in the body and this affects the kidneys which serve to filter the blood. This means that by cleaning and removing diseased teeth we could potentially improve her kidney’s health.

A dental procedure was performed. Because of her kidney disease we used an anesthesia that was safe for the kidneys and put her on IV fluids before and after the procedure. We took x-rays of the teeth and saw the true extent of the dental disease. We cleaned her teeth, and then extracted all the teeth that were too diseased to be saved and causing her pain. She had 16 teeth removed!!! We sutured the extraction sites so that Autumn would have a smooth and pain free recovery.


Autumn was given pain medications following her dental procedure and sent home on pain medication, antibiotics and was fed wet food, specific for kidney disease. She did very well at home with her medications and it was apparent she had immediate comfort! She has turned into a happy, bouncy and lovable 15 year old senior!

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