• Dr. Lyana Buckwold

Dogs eat the craziest things!

As the weather gets warmer, there are more things on the ground outside that your pets can get into- please keep an eye on them at all times- we never know what our beloved furry friends think will make a tasty treat.

Recently we saw Gizmo, a 7 month old French bulldog. Gizmo is a very sweet and energetic puppy. Suddenly, he started crying when he tried to use the bathroom. In his stool, his owner saw a large amount of rocks! On questioning their doggy daycare center, it turned out that Gizmo had started eating rocks when he was outside.

He was brought in for an examination. On a whole he looked well on his physical exam. His gums were pink. He was still very active and sweet. His belly did not seem very painful. On his x-rays, however, there were A LOT of stones in his belly!

Gizmo’s X-rays (day 0). The red arrows point to stones in Gizmo’s stomach, small intestines, and colon.

Whenever a dog eats rocks or other inedible objects, there is always a very really concern that they can get stock in the stomach or intestines and cause the dog to become very sick and need a complicated surgery. Sometimes surgery can be avoided by giving dogs fluids through their vein for 10+ hours. Dogs must be hospitalized to do this. To give Gizmo the best care, he was hospitalized for 2 days. Because there are no staff at our hospital overnight, in the evening his owners would transfer him to an emergency hospital and then bring him back in the morning for continued care. He did very well during his hospitalization and continued to eat and be very sweet and loving, but developed a bloody diarrhea due to all the rocks he was passing and was placed on medication to help with the irritation in his colon

After 2 days, all the stones had finally moved into his colon and he was ready to go home!! The stones had all moved out of his stomach. And had made their way to his colon.

Gizmo’s X-rays (day2). The red arrows point to stones in Gizmo’s colon.

Gizmo is now doing well at home. Again, to repeat what was said in the beginning, please always keep an eye on your dogs as we never know what they will decided to eat or if what-ever they have eating will be able to pass on its own.

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